Command Description Usage
automoderator Auto moderates the server and keeping it clean and tidy. automoderator
autoresponder Responds to you... autoresponder [Add | Remove | List | Enable | Disable] [Name], [Message]
configuration Server configuration for Report, Welcome and moderator logs and more in the future configuration [Enable | Disable | Set | Help | Reset] [Module] [Channel]
logs Update what to log or what no to log. logs [Enable | Disable] [Server event]
membercounter A module that counts total members, bots and users which displays it in a very unique way. membercounter [Enable | Disable | Setup | countername | Sync] [Module]
prefix Manages the server's custom prefix. prefix [New prefix]
toggle toggle on or off a command or category toggle [Command | Category]
youtubecounter Youtube live counter. youtubecounter [Enable | Disable | Add | Remove] [Channel ID]