Command Description Usage
ban Bans a member. ban [User mention | User ID] [Reason (Optional)]
deafen Voice deafen a member. deafen [User mention | User ID]
kick Kicks a member. kick [User meniton | User ID] [Reason (Optional)]
lockdown Locks the channel so that only staff could type in it. lockdown [Time] [Reason (Optional)]
mute Mute a member so they cannot type or speak. mute [User mention | User ID] [Time] [Reason (Optional)]
purge user Purge messages from a specific user.
purge match Purge messages that matches search
purge not Purge messages that does not match search
purge startswith Purge messages that starts with text
purge endswith Purge messages that ends with text
purge links Purge messages that contains links
purge invites Purges messages that contains server invites
purge images Purges messages that contains images or attachments
purge mentions Purge messages that contains user or role mentions
purge embeds Purge messages that contains rich embed links
purge bots Purge messages that are from bots
purge bot Purge messages that are from me (the bot)
purge text Purge messages that only contains text, ignoring images and embeds
purge Delete a number of messages all in once. (Limit: 99) purge [Purge Function (Optional)] [User (Optional)] [Amount]
serverlockdown Locks down server, when a user joins the user will be auto banned serverlockdown [Enable | Disable] [Reason (Optional)]
softban Bans and instantly unbans a member softban [User mention | User ID] [Reason (Optional)]
unban Unbans a member. unban [Username | User Tag | User ID] [Reason (Optional)]
undeafen Voice undeafen a member. undeafen [User mention | User ID]
unlock Unlocks the current channel. unlock [Reason (Optional)]
unmute Unmutes a muted member. unmute [User mention | User ID] [Reason (Optional)]
voiceban Server voice deafen and mute a member. voiceban [User mention | User ID]
voicemute Voice mute a member. voicemute [User mention | User ID]
voiceunban Server voice undeafen and unmute voiceunban [User mention | User ID]
voiceunmute Server voice unmute a member. voiceunmute [User mention | User ID]
warn Warn a mischellous member. warn [User mention | User ID] [Warn reason]