Command Description Usage
accounts Fetch the user's account details. accounts [User (Optional)]
afk Sets AFK afk
avatar Gives the user's avatar avatar [User (Optional)]
bancount Fetch the server's ban count and sends it. bancount
binary Converts normal text to binary and back binary [Text | Binary]
changelog View bot changelog changelog [Version]
checkvote Check if you have voted, vote at checkvote [User (Optional)]
color Colour color [Hex string]
commandsleaderboard Top 10 users who uses the bot most commandsleaderboard
country Country information country [Country]
currency Currency conversion currency [Amount] [From (Currency code)] [To (Currency code)]
define A dictionary, define words define [Word]
discordbots Gives information about a bot using discordbots [Bot mention | Bot ID]
discordstatus Checks Discord status discordstatus
discrim Searches users who has the same discriminator. discrim [User (Optional)
distance Distance between geographical args distance [Coordinate] [Coordinate]
emojis Gives a list of the server emojis emoji
geoip Checks the IP geoip [IP]
github Gets information on a GitHub repository github [Repository name]
google Search on Google google [Search]
help Bot command help page help
info Gives information about the bot info
invitecount Fetch the server's invite count. invitecount
joined position Shows selected join position
joined Find out when a user joined the server and how long they have been in it. joined [User]
level Gives the rank of the user's level and messages sent. level [User mention | User ID (Optional)]
levelboard Level leaderboard. levelboard
membercount Fetch the server members, bots and filter it by online, idle, dnd or streaming membercount
movie Searches upcoming and released movies movie [Search | Empty] [Title]
mutualservers Displays all Mutual-servers with mentioned user mutualservers [User (Optional)]
npm Search a NPM Package npm [Package]
pincount Fetch the channel's pin count. pincount
ping Bots ping ping
poll Creates a poll poll [Poll message]
remindme Private message you when specific date is over remindme [Create | Remove | List] [Time] [Reminder]
rules create Creates a new rule page
rules remove Deletes a rule page
rules edit Edits a existing rule page
rules Sends server rules rules
searchcommand Search a bot command, module, or settings searchcommand [Query]
serverinfo Fetch all server information and fits in into an embed serverinfo
shorten Shortens a link shorten [Link]
space Current location and humans in the ISS space
stats Provides some details about the bot and stats. stats
strawpoll Creates a strawpoll with optional option size strawpoll [Title] | [Option 1] [Option 2] [Option 3] [Option 4] ...
tenor Searches a gif on tenor and return its result tenor [Search]
time Shows how many more time until a day/week/month/year/5years ends time
todo Creates a todo list, note this doesn't remind you. To make it remind you, use the RemindME command todo [Create | List | Remove | Edit] [Day/Month/Year]
trivia Random questions. trivia [Easy | Medium | Hard]
twitch Gets information about twitch channels and wether or not if their streaming twitch [Channel | Follow | Unfollow] [Channel]
uptime Provides bot uptime. uptime
urban Finds a urban definition urban [Word (Optional)]
validate json Validates a JSON
validate string Calculate the string's length
validate charat Calculate a character's position in a string
validate Validates anything using methods validate [Validation method] [Parameters...]
weather Get the weather forecast for a location or a country weather [Country | Location | Forecast]
ytsearch Searches your Requested Youtube video and gives you the link ytsearch [Youtube video]