Command Description Usage
apex A stat-tracker for Apex Legends apex [XBL | PSN | ORIGIN] [Apex-Username]
csgo CSGO stats tracker csgo [CSGO ID]
fortnite Fortnite stats tracker. fortnite [Platform] [Fortnite username]
hypixel Hypixel stats tracker. hypixel [Minecraft username]
hypixelguild Hypixel guilds tracker, using guild members names. hypixelgild [Guild-member username]
hypixelstats Hypixel stats tracker (Advanced) hypixelstats [Minecraft username]
mcserver Check Minecraft server stats. mcserver [Minecraft server address]
minecraftstatus Checks the minecraft status minecraftstatus
osu OSU! stats, signatures, and more osu
overwatch Overwatch stats tracker. overwatch [Battle.NET username] [Platform] [Region] [Hero | AllHeroes (Optional)]
steamstatus Checks the Steam status and sends it to channel. Check on stream and uptime status