Command Description Usage
eight_ball Ask the magnificent magic 8-ball, it will give you wise answers 8ball [Question]
advice Gives some valuable advices advice
ascii Asciify your text ascii
automeme Auto post memes every 5 seconds or your preferred interval automeme [Postevery | SetChannel | Enable | Disable] [Channel | Timer]
bubbletext Makes bubble text. bubbletext [Message]
cah whitecard Sends a white cards against humanity card
cah blackcard Sends a black cards against humanity card, editable card
cah Cards against humanity cah
catfact Gives a random cat fact from the internet. catfact
choose Let me choose something. choose [Item] [Item]
chucknorris Random Chuck Norris memes. chucknorris
clap Clapify's your text clap [Message]
chat An AI that uses machine and deep learning chat [Message]
comrade Random Communist memes. comrade
crash Crash me. crash
dankmemes Random dankmemes. dankmemes
discordmemes Discord memes. meme
dogfact Gives a random dog fact. dogfact
emojify Converts regular sentences to awesome emojified sentence :100: :tada: emojify [Sentence]
facepalm Random face palm memes. facepalm
fiftyfifty Gives a fifty fifty meme from the Reddit. fiftyfifty
fliptext Makes flips text. fliptext [Message]
funny Random meme economy memes. funny
gay Gay machine. gay [User]
hack Hack users. hack [Hackable target]
friend Sends a friend request, note this is not real. friend [User mention | User ID | Text]
joke Gives a random joke. joke
kill Kill yourself, friends, or enemies with this command. Now comes with free revival! kill [User mention | User ID | Text]
lmgtfy Let me google that for you ;) lmgtfy [Message]
lottery Generates random lottery numbers. lottery
meirl Random me in real life memes. meirl
meme Gives a random meme from the Reddit. meme
memeeconomy Random meme economy memes. memeeconomy
mirror Makes replaces small text to mirror text. mirror [Message]
nature Gives a random fantasy nature photo from the internet. nature
number Random number between 0 to 100, optional numbers number [Number 1] [Number 2] [Times (Optional)]
phone Discord Phone, communicate with other Discord servers externally. phone [End | Call]
racist Gives a random racist joke from the /r/AccidentalRacism Sub Reddit (There is no intentional racism and bigotry of any kind will be met with an immediate and permanent ban). racist
randomcase raNdomIsEs uppERcASE aNd lOwerCASe LETTeRS randomcase [Message]
randomcolor Sends a random hex code. randomcolor
reverse Reverse the input. reverse [Text]
rps Rock, paper, scissors... shoot! rps [Stone/Rock | Paper | Scissors]
say Echooooooo... say [Text]
ship Ship your friends and see how compatible they are. ship [User | User ID | Text] [User | User ID | Text]
showerthoughts Gives you a thought that you'll usually think when you're showering. meme
smalltext Makes text smaller. smalltext [Message]
someone Tags someone in the server someone
spaced D e s c r i p t i o n spaced [Threshold] [Message]
texttoemoji Converts text to Discord emojis texttoemoji [Text]
trump What does trump think? trump [User | User ID (Optional)]
turtle Gives a random turtle photo from the internet. turtle
vapourwave Converts text to vaporwave smalltext [Message]
wouldyourather Would you rather? wouldyourather
xkcd Gives random xkcd memes. xkcd
yesno Yes or No? give a random photo. yesno
yomama Gives random yomama jokes. yomama