Command Description Usage
bet Win a bet, you get 2x the amount of what you bet, if you lose, you lose your bet bet [Amount<Number> | Half | All]
A version of bet command. bet [All | Half]
blackjack Start a game of blackjack for the chosen bet. Try to get a higher total than the dealer without going past 21 to win, or get the dealer to go past 21. If you get to 21 with your starting cards you have a 'BlackJack', if this happens and the dealer does not have a 'BlackJack' you will win x1.5 your bet. Use the :Hit: reaction to get another card or the :Stand: reaction to stay with your current cards. blackjack [Amount]
coinflip Flips a coin, if the user guessed it correctly give coins. coinflip [Heads | Tails]
coins Check users coin amount. coins [User mention | User ID]
crate Buy, and open crates crate [Get | Open | List] [Crate]
find For users which has coins lower than 20. find
fish Fish for good fishes chances to get diamonds and stuff. fish
getcoins Vote to get coins checkvote [User (Optional)]
give Giving users coins. give [User Mention | User ID] [Amount]
job Apply for a job, earn coins while working. job [Apply | Ask_raise | Quit | Work | Available] [Job (Only required for apply)]
leaderboard Richest on the server. leaderboard
roll If the user guesses correctly, they get coins role [Number from 1 to 6]
steal Stealing user coins. steal [User Mention | User ID]
upgrade Upgrading their chances of winning bets. upgrade [Upgrade type]